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Moochies Phone for Kids
Moochies! A smartwatch and phone all-in-one designed for children with safety in mind.

Buying your child’s first phone can be a big decision. There’re so many questions that come along with something so daunting

What’s a good age? What features do they need? Will they be able to access the internet and are they too young? What dangers could they face with an internet enabled phone, both from strangers and social media?

And, of course, what’s the price?

In a digital age, children are getting their first phones earlier and earlier. Whether their first phone is to stay in touch with you when they’re working to school alone for the first time, or…

S.O.S! What’s it all about? Keep reading to discover all you need to know about the Moochies Phone Watch for Kids SOS alert.

Moochies was designed with child safety in mind. Both in the digital and every day world. That’s why every Moochies watch comes with an SOS alert.

While our safe call list and no browser or social media access can protect your child online, our features for the real world are just as important.

If your child is ever in danger, it’s important to teach them tools to find help. …

Moochies Phone Watch for Kids

Wondering what Moochies is all about? To start off our new blog, we thought we’d break down what Moochies is and how we started!

In 2014, our COO, Ryan O’Neill, was on holiday with his family on the Gold Coast in Australia. Ryan’s niece, Tallulah, loved to do what all six year olds in shopping centres do — run off! Every parent knows how difficult it can be to keep track of a six year old, especially in a busy shopping centre. …

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