Buying Your Child’s First Phone? Why a Smartwatch May Be Your Best Choice

Buying your child’s first phone can be a big decision. There’re so many questions that come along with something so daunting

What’s a good age? What features do they need? Will they be able to access the internet and are they too young? What dangers could they face with an internet enabled phone, both from strangers and social media?

And, of course, what’s the price?

In a digital age, children are getting their first phones earlier and earlier. Whether their first phone is to stay in touch with you when they’re working to school alone for the first time, or if they want to stay in touch with their peers who all have phones themselves, it’s a hard decision on multiple fronts.

With technological advances at each step these days, this digital milestone in your child’s life doesn’t have to be the stress it was only five years ago.

In the last few years, kids smartwatch phones like Moochies have risen in popularity globally. But what are these smartwatch for kids?

They’re data-enabled smartwatches which operate as standalone mobile phones. Each with a variety of features designed for use of different young ages.

Moochies is designed for a versatile range of between five and twelve. The most popular features are of course mobile phone calling. Similar to adult smartwatches, Moochies is capable of calling a regular mobile phone. Unlike an adult smartwatch, however, Moochies has a safe call list with younger children in mind.

Parents or guardians set a ‘safe call list’ of numbers. Only numbers on this list can be call and be called by a Moochies watch.

Designed for a wide range of ages, Moochies has a variety of features for use by all ages. Including text and voice messaging, GPS location and SOS alerts, class mode so no distractions, alarms and pedometer. Moochies can also not access an open internet browser or social media, meaning your child can focus on their childhood without any unwanted and unmonitored internet interference.

If you’re considering the first phone for your child, a smartwatch phone for kids could be your answer. If they’re at an age where you don’t want to commit to the latest iPhone or Samsung, a child’s smartwatch can be the perfect introduction to our tech-heavy world.




Moochies! A smartwatch and phone all-in-one designed for children with safety in mind.

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Moochies Phone for Kids

Moochies Phone for Kids

Moochies! A smartwatch and phone all-in-one designed for children with safety in mind.

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