Let’s get strappy! How to customise your Moochies Phone Watch for Kids

Moochies Illustrated Swappable Straps, Silicone

Tomboy, tomgirl, sporty, book-lover, Minecraft addict, maths champion, future astronaut, future detective, already an amateur detective at home.

No child is the same. Kids are their own little personality and worlds into themselves, already on an adventure to discovering who they are as a person.

That’s why at Moochies, we want kids to be able to express themselves instead of bore them with the standard blocky, black or white strap. We have over twenty swappable straps that are compatible with the Moochies 4G Smartwatch.

Moochies Swappable Straps, Silicone

From fun illustrations, to a range of solid colours with a soft, flexible silicone strap that will survive day-to-day wear, there’s lots to choose from.

Let them show off their love of cats, or joy of art with an illustrated strap, or pick out their favourite colour to bring them a little happiness whenever they look down at their wrist. Whatever their tastes, the occasion, or event, it’s easy to swap the straps and takes less than thirty seconds.

Moochies Swappable Straps, Nylon Fabric

At school, Moochies can be paired with something more simple to meet school regulations, and switched to bring out their personality on weekends.

There’s even straps made in a washable nylon fabric if your child is more the type to be digging in the earth than staring up at the stars.

Moochies swappable straps require no tools to change, fitted with an easy-to-fit mechanism that will keep the strap securely connected to the Moochies smartwatch. Once swapped out, you can have peace of mind that the watch base won’t fall off the swappable strap and break on the ground.

See what our Moochies artists have designed and let your child’s personality shine with a Moochies swappable strap.




Moochies! A smartwatch and phone all-in-one designed for children with safety in mind.

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Moochies Phone for Kids

Moochies Phone for Kids

Moochies! A smartwatch and phone all-in-one designed for children with safety in mind.

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