S.O.S! Moochies Putting Safety First

S.O.S! What’s it all about? Keep reading to discover all you need to know about the Moochies Phone Watch for Kids SOS alert.

Moochies was designed with child safety in mind. Both in the digital and every day world. That’s why every Moochies watch comes with an SOS alert.

While our safe call list and no browser or social media access can protect your child online, our features for the real world are just as important.

If your child is ever in danger, it’s important to teach them tools to find help. On your child’s Moochies watch, they can signal an SOS alert in a discrete manner to contact the guardian app directly.

An instantaneous alert will be sent to your phone with a thirty second recording of your child and what’s around them, as well as their GPS location.

We recommend teaching your child about the SOS alert function and how to use it — clear directions of which can be found in the manual you receive with your Moochies.

While barely 1% of Moochies smartwatches ever have needed to activate their SOS alert function, Moochies is designed to give parents peace of mind in a variety of ways.

The SOS alert is unobtrusive and there for your child and you if it is ever needed. If you have any questions with this feature, our team are always on hand to help. Simply contact us on help@moochies.com.





Moochies! A smartwatch and phone all-in-one designed for children with safety in mind.

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Moochies Phone for Kids

Moochies Phone for Kids

Moochies! A smartwatch and phone all-in-one designed for children with safety in mind.

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